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KLM Day Camp 2017


  July 17th-21st 

     Camp Kerr Lake

       9AM - 3PM  

Kerr Lake Ministries is so excited that we are able to offer KLM Day Camp 2017 at no cost to participants.  This would not be possible without the support KLM receives from many Churches, Individuals, and Businesses within Vance, Granville, and Warren Counties. We give God all the Glory for allowing this Ministry to thrive.  If you, your Church or your Business  would like to become a supporter of Kerr Lake Ministries, please contact Bobby Williams at 919-413-5860 or 


 About us and our Mission

Our mission is to provide a positive Christian influence in the lives of children and adults in need of Christ's healing powers and to know the love of Christ through us.

KLM is a non-profit, 


 Christian organization providing

 day camp and other Christian based activities for grades K-Early College. 

We open our arms and hearts to all who seek the love of Jesus Christ and need a friend.
KLM 2016 Day Camp

Day Camp 2017
"Living for Jesus"

 Each year Kerr Lake Ministries provides a Day Camp for those who are in grades K-Early College. Our theme for Day Camp 2017 is Living for Jesus.  Each day attendees will be in a grade level Bible Class learning about the Life of Jesus, from His Birth in Bethlehem to His second coming.  Each grade level will have a different area of study. Attendees will also have opportunities to canoe on Kerr Lake's beautiful shoreline, swim in a designated roped off area with a certified life guard keeping watch, make wonderful crafts that reinforce each day’s Bible lesson, learn and sing songs that are themed with each grade level's area of study, walk a scripture trail while discovering God's beauty, have fun trying to hit the target with paint ball activities, and prepare for a closing program that will be based on the Life of Jesus and show that we are all capable of Living for Jesus. 


Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us as a volunteer worker.